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X-rated registration numbers for sale in UK

It has been revealed that there are numerous x-rated and rude registration numbers on sale through the DVLA which would usually be banned. 

Each year two sets of number plates are released in the United Kingdom. These signify when the car was registered and contain different number combinations after the initial two characters. As an example, in 2019 the two new registration types introduced will contain either 19 or 69 after the initial two letters. Each year the DVLA will also ban numerous registrations which they have deemed to be offensive or downright rude ie: containing offensive terms. Such a registration will usually be removed prior to going into general circulation with certain combinations banned each year – these including letters which spell out ASS and SEX etc. Other combinations of letters which may spell out FA***RTS and B***UMS are also banned.

Indeed while many people enjoy owning and supplying a personalised registration number, the endless combinations available can throw up some plates which will almost certainly cause offence to someone. Some registrations have gone on general sale this year which can be seen to push the boundaries and which command prices up to £499, these including…







You must remember that you can still have your registration cancelled by the DVLA if it is deemed offensive, even if it has been purchased through official channels. Some potentially x-rated plates can slip through the net from time to time, so while these may seem amusing they could ultimately result in you losing your cherished plate.

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