What are the most expensive Football number plates?


Premier League and Championship footballers are well-known for their love of nice cars and these usually come attached with personalised football number plates. Indeed Harry Maguire was recently seen leading the Manchester United HQ with his name on the number plate, however many football supporters choose to splash out on a personalised registration number which announces which team they show their allegiance to.

Over the past few years, some of the more sought-after footy-related registration numbers have realised vast sums of money both at DVLA auctions and privately. Indeed the highest grossing sale in this market went to WE57 HAM which sold for a whopping £58,320 at a DVLA auction.

Indeed with football fans amongst some of the most dedicated supporters of any sport, it’s little wonder that some choose to show their allegiance via a personalised number plate.

Here are the top ten highest grossing football number plates (as of 2020)


WE57 HAM  –  £58,320

AR53 NAL  –  £46,736

HU11 CTY  –  £46,736

V1 LLA  –  £45,440

ALB 10N  –  £24,000

BR15 TOL  –  £20,168

DER 8Y  –  £18,872

M417 UTD  –  £17,835

S41 NTS  –  £14,984

PRE 570N  –  £11,953


OK so the prices above may be eye-watering to some, however there are other, cheaper ways to incorporate your football team into a registration number. How about combining certain elements of your chosen team with your initials, for example an Aston Villa fan called Andy Smith may decide to go for AV50 AND or AV11 LLA. Similarly private plates featuring RFC or CFC are extremely popular amongst followers of Scottish Premiership sides Rangers and Celtic respectively, while an LFC prefix or suffix would clearly appeal to those of an Anfield persuasion.

NOTE: Always ensure that any arrangement and display of numbers and letters on a registration number must always be fully compliant with DVLA rules and regulations. Failure to do so could result in the user being issued with a fine and possible confiscation of the private registration.

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