Make sure your number plate is LEGAL


Millions of UK motorists either already own or dream of owning a private registration number and the vast majority do so without any problems whatsoever. Nevertheless an increasing number of users are attracting the attention of the authorities over their misuse of their cherished plate.

All motorists must adhere to certain rules with regard to their number plates otherwise they risk receiving a fine which could cost up to £1000. Not only that but their car could also fail an MOT should their number plate contain even the most minor error.

Forst and foremost, drivers must ensure that their registration number is roadworthy and legal by adhering to certain rules. The number plate must be clear and legible with no obscuring by grime or dirt. Failure to ensure that this is the case could result in a hefty fine.

The reason why the registration number must be clean is so that it can be read by the police and automatic number plate recognition cameras which are installed throughout the country.

Not only that but a plate cannot have any background overprinting whatsoever and no fixture is allowed which could conceivably alter the appearance or legibility of any character on the plate. Font sizing and spacing must adhere to DVLA rules although when you order a number plate from any reputable dealer in the UK it will reflect these rules.

Number plates must follow the following conditions :

  • have black characters placed upon a while background when fitted to front of vehicle
  • have black characters placed upon a yellow background when fitted to rear of vehicle
  • be fitted vertically or as close as possible to both front and rear
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