Is this the best Brexit number plate on UK roads?


A classic car enthusiast is the proud owner of the registration BRX 514T and one could be forgiven that he was a keen supporter of the UK’s impending departure from the European Union. In fact, he’s the complete opposite and is a keen remainer.

When he purchased the car, the registration on it had no meaning whatsoever, ‘Brexit’ not even entering the public vocabulary. Nevertheless he has since considered getting rid of the car in order to distance himself from the attention which it has been receiving.

Indeed he has even been approached in an aggressive manner from members of the public who believe that he is a Brexiteer, despite voting ‘Remain’ in the referendum. Some pedestrians have been known to shake their fists when he drives past while others simply scowl.

The owner of the car has even thought about trying to sell it to Nigel Farage when he decides to get rid of it.

The owner, Mr Vinter, said: “When I first viewed the car the penny never dropped. I just didn’t realise what the letters said when you put them together.

“I find it funny and infuriating at the same time. I’m a Remainer but when people have asked me about it they think I’m a Brexiteer.

“[The plate is] part of the car’s history. I may consider changing it in the future if it continues to draw attention I don’t necessarily want.

“It’s my pride and joy and I love it. But it is slightly tainted by the number plate. It is just a coincidence but as time goes on, I would be open to offers.

“I do wonder if Nigel Farage might want to buy it off me.”

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