How to get a private plate without breaking the bank


It is a very common misconception that all personalised private plates are expensive, indeed you can often snap up some great bargains if you broaden your criteria. Indeed even so-called ‘cheap’ number plates can enhance the look of some high-quality marques and it certainly holds true that you really don’t need to break the bank, especially with prices starting from as low as £65 plus transfer fees.

Here is everything you need to know about buying a cheap plate.


What is a cheap private plate?

A personalised private plate may not necessarily cost the earth but even cheap ones don’t need to be tacky. Indeed they can usually be purely a combination of numbers and letters which mean nothing to the owner. They can contain somewhat obscure letters such as X, Y or Z and are often used by owners to remove the age identifier, hence the term ‘Cover’ registrations.

There are numerous combinations or styles of ‘cheap’ registration plates, there are: Three Letters & Three Numbers; Two Letters & Four Numbers; Three Letters & Four Numbers.

Understandably those with less common initials can often find less expensive plates with their initials contained in the combination, for example VHY compared to ABS.

You can also search for make-your-own plates, these being known as prefix or current-style registrations with prices starting at £155 plus VAT.

One thing that you must ensure is that your number plate must adhere fully to DVLA rules and regulations. To ensure that your registration meets regulations, make sure that you purchase it from a reputable supplier and that you have your plates made by a DVLA registered number plate supplier.

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