How do you transfer a number plate from one vehicle to another?


With all of the local DVLA offices closed down, we are constantly being asked how to transfer a private registration number between vehicles. Indeed while the process itself is very simple indeed, the forms which accompany every application can make it seem somewhat daunting.

To transfer a private registration number from one car to another, you require the following items:

  1. A V5 registration form for both cars
  2. If either vehicle is over 3 years old, then a valid MOT is required
  3. Cheque made payable to DVLA for £80.00, this is to cover transfer fee
  4. A completed V317 transfer form

When you have the first three items in place, you can download the V317 form from the DVLA website. Then you must complete the details of the donor vehicle (the one which the registration number is being transferred from) on the left hand side of the form and the receiving vehicle (the one which the registration number will be going onto) on the right hand side of the form. Each owner will need to signs this transfer form at the bottom (this will confirm the application) and this, along with a cheque for £80.00 (payable to DVLA) must be sent to: DVLA, Swansea SA99 1DS.

The transfer time as quoted by DVLA is between 4 and 6 weeks although generally it takes less time than that (in our experience around 3 weeks is the norm). Once the transfer is completed, DVLA will send you your new V5 document with the new registration number on it and you can order your new number plates. Also remember to notify your motor insurance company of the change in vehicle details

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