Taxi driver spends £130,000 on number plates


A Taxi driver has splashed out a whopping £130,000 on private registration numbers for his private hire motor vehicles.

Private registrations are very big business in this country and as well as motorists being able to personalise their vehicles in this manner, there is an undoubted element of ‘investment’ given that the majority of ‘cherished plates’ will command a heftier price once they are sold on.

Indeed one of the most expensive private number plates ever bought was ‘F 1’ for a massive £440,000, however the most recent price estimate for this plate is around £10,000,000. Tidy profit on that!

Boss of Capital Cars – Stephen Ross – splashed out a cool £130,000 on two registrations which are perfect for his company, TAX 15 and TAX 1 being sold to him for £38,000 and £92,000 respectively. These number plates now adorn two of the company’s Tesla electric vehicles.

The most expensive number plate sold to date in the UK is ’25 O’ which realised £518,000 in 2014. Shorter number plates with less letters and numbers can command bigger sums as can ones which spell out a specific phrase or word.

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