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Biggest sellers at yesterday’s DVLA live auction

The DVLA are in the midst of an auction right now and there have already been some big prices attracted for some of the more desirable registration numbers.

Thousands of eager buyers have been watching closely over the past few days as some highly desirable combinations have come up for grabs and leading the way so far is ’37 O’ which attracted a winning bid of £35,600. This is an exceptional price for what is nevertheless an excellent number plate.

At a guess, we’d say that ‘911 CM’ has been snapped up by a Porsche 911 owner (there’s no flies on us!!). This attracted a winning bid of £25,200 to make it the second highest priced plate of the day. 

‘IG 9’ sits next in the highest priced plates of the day with some lucky winner snapping it up for exactly £25,000. Indira Gandhi perhaps?

‘3I LLY’ has clearly been bought by someone called Billy. Or maybe his partner is called Billy. Or perhaps he’s just Silly. Who knows. Either way he (or she) has splashed out £16,800 to make this the fourth most expensive plate of the day.

‘2 KSN’ completes the top-five of most expensive plates at the DVLA auction yesterday, this selling for £16,400.

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What are the most expensive registrations ever sold in UK?

4 NDY Number Plate Reg

Personalised or ‘cherished’ registration numbers are big business in this country with British motorists spending millions on them each year. Indeed £102 million was spent of ‘private’ number plates in 2016 alone according to the DVLA and this amount continues to grow each year. 

Certain combinations of registration numbers can attract a hefty premium and can be sold on for huge profits. An example of such a number plate is ’25 O’ which sold in 2014 for a tremendous £518,480. The clear appeal of this registration number is linked with a very rare Ferrari 250 GTO.

Only two other registration numbers have sold for over £500,000 in this country, these being ‘X1’ and ‘G1’ which sold for £502,000 and £500,000 respectively. Shorter registrations tend to command heftier premiums with just two of the top-twenty priciest number plates having more than three characters – these being 51 NGH and VIP 1

To many people, ‘cherished’ number plates are a great way of personalising their vehicle although to others they can appear to be just a string of numbers and letters. Clearly private number plates which contain a ‘1’ and no other numbers are highly sought after, especially since this particular number can be used to help spell a word ie: K1 NGS. The same can be said for the number ‘5’ which can be used as the letter ‘S’.

Many people purchase personalised number plates as an investment and it certainly holds true that most can grow in value over a certain period. A notable example of this is the registration ‘F1’ which sold for just over £440,000 in 2008 but which is now worth (estimated) a cool £10,000,000 !!!

Most valuable number plates in UK (estimated current value in brackets)

25 O  –  Sold for £518,480 in November 2014  (£750,000)

X 1  –  Sold for £502,500 in November 2012  (£1,000,000)

G 1  –  Sold for £500,000 in September 2011  (£1,000,000)

RR 1  –  Sold for £472,000 in September 2018  (£500,000)

F 1  –  Sold for £440,625 in January 2008  (£10,000,000)

S 1  –  Sold for £404,063 in September 2008  (£1,000,000)

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Which number plate is best for you?

LB Number Plate For Sale

Ever since the government decided to authorise the use of ‘personalised’ number plates in the UK, more and more people have been searching for their preferred combination, whether this reflects their name, occupation, hobby or anything else for that matter. Indeed at first glance it would appear pretty straightforward – simply browse through all the available options and decide upon something which fits your needs. If only it were that easy!

That’s not to say there’s a minefield to crawl through, however there a few things which you need to take into consideration.

Decide what you want

What are you wanting your personalised registration number to reflect? Is it promoting your business or are you looking to launch a personal brand? Maybe it’s just a treat to mark some occasion in your life. Either way, personal or ‘cherished’ plates are a great way of standing out from the crowd and this is why they’re becoming ever more popular in this country.

Indeed you don’t even need to promote your brand or business. Many use the combination to reflect their name or date of birth, so before you start looking for your perfect number, make sure that you know exactly what you want. This will clearly assist you in narrowing down the search.

Be Creative

If this is a major factor in your choice of personalised registration, then take plenty of time to consider your choices. Talk things through with friends of family and ask for criticism and other ideas. This is a decision which will likely remain with you for many years to come so think things through carefully. 

The creativity comes into play when you attempt to combine numbers and letters while still sticking within the rules in order to get your perfect plate. Some numbers can look like letters if used in the correct manner ie: 12 can look like ‘R’ while 5 can appear as an ‘S’, however you need to stick within the law when using combinations to look like individual words and you certainly cannot change the format of letters or numbers to make them look like something else. Similarly there are strict rules with regard to the correct spacing of combinations and these must be adhered to at all times. 

Be Flexible

Having a personalised registration number holds much appeal in the UK and an increasing number of people are taking up the option. As such, your preferred choice may have already have been taken, therefore it’s vitally important to have several other options in mind to avoid disappointment. You can work with variations of what you like although you should be prepared to think again if the price suddenly leaps out of your budget.

Have a realistic budget limit

As with any luxury product, you should set yourself a budget limit and stick to this as closely as possible. Some personalised registration numbers can be quite expensive and it’s important to consider whether they are worth your savings. If they put a smile on your face and make you feel good, then the answer is an emphatic ‘Yes’. Nevertheless don’t stretch your budget too far and set your maximum limit at a realistic level. Also, don’t forget to discuss with your spouse!