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Treat your partner to a unique birthday gift – A Private Number Plate

When choosing a birthday present for your partner there are hundreds of ideas such as socks, ties etc, however you may well decide to really push the boat out and go for something much more exclusive. We take a look at how a private plate could be the perfect present for your partner, especially if he is a ‘petrol head.


What will the private plates say?

This will be a unique present and as such it is hugely important that you carefully consider what it will actually say. It must have some recognisable meaning to him/her, or even to you both as a couple. The best and by far most popular option is to combine a name and number, or alternatively you could choose the year you met or some other anniversary and add this to his/her abbreviated name or initials.


Purchasing the private plates

Once you have decided what the private plates will say, you have to start looking around for something which fits the bill. There are many online dealers from which to choose such as who boast a comprehensive selection of combinations. If you are unable to find the number plate you require from their extensive list, then you can contact them and ask if they can locate it for you.

Dealers such as tend to offer a wide range of private number plates and as such, you will stand a good chance of finding what you are looking for.

Once you have chosen your number plate, you then need to place an order. Contact the dealer and make an offer on the number plate you require, then they will notify you as to whether you have been successful. Remember that buying a personalised number plate needn’t be an expensive business, there are many bargains out there.


Why a private plate is the perfect present

Socks, ties and choccies are so last year! The way forward is exclusivity and there is nothing more unique and exclusive than a personalised number plate. It is extremely personal and also relatively inexpensive if you’re not seeking something too specific. Not only that but private plates are transferrable and can be moved from one car to another with ease – therefore your partner can use the particular plate on every single car he will own.


What to do next

When you have bought the number plate, you will receive a V75 certificate and you will then need to mention that the number plate will be on a car registered to someone else. Once this has all gone through and you have paid the relevant fees, you can order the actual plates and put them on your partners car, ready for him/her to see!


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DVLA ban number plates for being too rude

Despite sales of new cars slowing almost to a halt thanks to the continued Covid 19 pandemic, sales of personalised registration numbers have remained buoyant and the latest DVLA auction is expected to be business as usual for the industry.

Nevertheless there are some registrations which will never be seen on the UK’s roads with the DVLA blacklisting hundreds of offensive number plates each year. Indeed anything relating to racist slurs, sexual acts or swear words all feature on this blacklist and each year the DVLA has to trawl through all the possible combinations and delete any which could be deemed offensive.

In 2018, the DVLA banned many registrations including BU18 SHT, VA18 NAS, BL18 JOB and TA18 BAN, while any number plates which feature ASS, BUM or SEX are also excluded automatically each year. Also banned in 2018 were the likes of PU18 BES, RO18 BER, NN18 GER and BO18 CKS.

Other combinations are also banned each year such as BO** MBS, SL** UTS and TO** SER, for obvious reasons.

In each twice-yearly release of new registration numbers there is always a chance to spell out some offensive word and the DVLA has meetings prior to these releases in order to rule out any registrations that they deem to be embarrassing, offensive or in bad taste.

On occasions, some do slip through the net such as JH11 HAD which was seen a couple of years ago before being removed from circulation.

Some registration numbers which could potentially be worth a tidy sum are also taken out of circulation by registration experts in the hope that they can realise their perceived potential at auction.  Indeed the DVLA rakes in millions of pounds from personalised number plates each year with buyers searching for initials and names – many paying five figure sums or more.

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Next DVLA Auction of Personalised Registrations on 18th-20th September 2019

The DVLA Auctions are hugely popular with those seeking their perfect ‘private plate’ and the next auction will be coming our way from 18th September. On offer will be no less than 1,250 different registration numbers across all three days of the auction and while some will doubtless command huge prices, there are certain to be plenty of bargains to be had.

The best way to get ahead of the game is to carefully check the catalogue and see exactly what is on offer. This can easily be done by visiting the Official DVLA Live Auction site and downloading the catalogue. The registrations available on Day One of the auction involves Lots 1 to 427 and consist of plates beginning with A to I. Day Two involves Lots 428 to 846 (plates beginning with J to P) and Day Three will be offering Lots 847 to 1,250 with plates starting with R to Y.

This auction will be held at Wychwood Park Hotel, Crewe and comprises registrations which have never before been issued with reserve prices ranging from £250 to £2,500. These registrations are only available to purchase directly from the DVLA at this particular auction and the best way to get what you want is to be there in person. Nevertheless if you are unable to attend, there are other ways in which you can place a bid.

Telephone Bidding

Once registered with the Official DVLA Live Auction site (just enter ‘DVLA auctions’ into Google), you let them know which lot you are interested in and a bidding clerk will contact you shortly before your lot is due. He will then keep you up to date with the bidding activity for that particular lot and you can increase your bid accordingly depending upon how much you can realistically afford.

Internet Bidding

Once registered with the Official DVLA Live Auction site, you can check out all the different lots as they go under the hammer. You will see the registration on your screen along with the current price, plus you can look at the live webcam at the auction itself.  To bid on a registration, just click on the ‘Start Bidding’ button and you can choose to increase the price by £50, £100, £200, £500 and £1000. You choose your own bidding increment.