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Biggest sellers at yesterday’s DVLA live auction

The DVLA are in the midst of an auction right now and there have already been some big prices attracted for some of the more desirable registration numbers.

Thousands of eager buyers have been watching closely over the past few days as some highly desirable combinations have come up for grabs and leading the way so far is ’37 O’ which attracted a winning bid of £35,600. This is an exceptional price for what is nevertheless an excellent number plate.

At a guess, we’d say that ‘911 CM’ has been snapped up by a Porsche 911 owner (there’s no flies on us!!). This attracted a winning bid of £25,200 to make it the second highest priced plate of the day. 

‘IG 9’ sits next in the highest priced plates of the day with some lucky winner snapping it up for exactly £25,000. Indira Gandhi perhaps?

‘3I LLY’ has clearly been bought by someone called Billy. Or maybe his partner is called Billy. Or perhaps he’s just Silly. Who knows. Either way he (or she) has splashed out £16,800 to make this the fourth most expensive plate of the day.

‘2 KSN’ completes the top-five of most expensive plates at the DVLA auction yesterday, this selling for £16,400.

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