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1 MB

£350,000 – Now here’s something that doesn’t come around very often. A truly premium registration number that is certain to attract a huge amount of interest. We have just acquired this number plate and we anticipate that there will be a massive amount of interest in it.





Very few of these sought-after registrations enter the general market place and we at UKnumberplates are extremely proud to be offering this to you.


Clearly, this would be ideal for someone with the initials MB, you really can’t get any better than this. The only alternative to this registration would be MB1 and that was recently owned by none other than Mr Max Bygraves. The former presenter of Family Fortunes was reluctant to sell his cherished number, despite a massive offer from Merced Benz, however he was eventually made an offer he couldn’t refuse and the new owner has made it clear that he never ever intends to sell, whatever the offer.



Private registrations such as MB 1 and 1 MB are amongst the most sought after of cherished numbers, those with initials and a number one commanding exceptionally high prices indeed.


Just imagine what this number plate would look on your car. There is no doubt that this is one of the best on the market and we bring it to you at what is an extremely competitive price. Don’t forget, once purchased this registration is yours for life, although it could also be looked upon as an investment. Should you ever decide to sell, there is no doubt that there would be huge interest and you would have no trouble selling it on to the next lucky owner.



Not the registration which we have for sale, however it is illustrative of how 1 MB would look on your car. The registration number shown is unlikely ever to make it onto the open market, although you can get your hands on 1 MB today!